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Well I just got done testing Sabayon Linux 4.0 and I’m going to say at the very least it was a bad experience. So first I will start with a few of the pros of this Distro. Many, many packages are INCLUDED on the installation DVD which I really like. This eliminates much of the need to download software. The selection of desktops are pretty full. It includes KDE, Fluxbox, GNOME, XCFE, and desktopless server install. I am a fan of the GNOME desktop so naturally I picked it. Now, to my complaints. I took the graphical install route like most “normal” users would. The installer took… forever. I felt as though I could grow a beard within the time that it installed. The install alone took 35+minutes. The installer was buggy and crashed several times requiring me to restart the sluggish process once again. After the rather lengthy install I rebooted the computer. The desktop did have a rather beautiful theme. My first mission was to check out the package manager.The package manager, entropy, seemed to have the stability of an alpha release. It was very unstable and crashed several times. The updates seemed to take a while to get and when they started to install entropy crashed. After all of this crashing I finally got Sabayon updated with a rather lengthy pause of about 20 minutes. The stability of Sabayon after all was installed and updated was just before fair and just after poor. My biggest problem was the incompatibility of the display drivers with my computer. The brightness would not decrease at all. Leaving my eyes almost fried by the end of my trial. My ratings follow.




Thanks for reading my review on Sabayon Linux 4.0 but you shouldn’t take my word for it. Go check it out for yourself here at


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