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Okay.. Finally I have decided to sit down and write up this review on Mandriva. Ill start off with my first actions of course. I popped the old disk in the drive and waited for the skinned bootloader to load up. Well I say that like it took a while, but it really didn’t. I selected the option to boot into Mandriva Live. The time it took to start up Mandriva live was a little below moderate. (for a live cd) Shortly after starting I was faced with a language selection screen which I like because that means they DO care about their users. THEN came the license agreement. Which is fine with me, it just protects them from people that want to take them to court because they messed up. Soon thereafter, the desktop loaded with no pain. The desktop housed your normal links to user folders like you would see in a typical GNOME desktop setup. Wait, I DID say Mandriva was using GNOME right? Sure I did, okay, so my first order of business was to check out how well applications ran directly off of the live CD. I was actually quite pleased to see the app start up promptly and run just as smoothly as it would were it housed on the hard drive. My next order of business was the install. First of all, I would like to say that a good thing to judge the distro by is the install process. If it goes smooth and speedy the distro is likely to be as such. If its all glitchy and slow the distro will follow in its installer’s footsteps. NOT saying this is true in every case but since the installer usually uses a lot of memory it will be a fair benchmark setting what’s to come up in the future. I went through all of the normal hoopla and even went through the trouble of trying to dual boot Vista and Mandriva. So here I am, done with the install and boom, more options, okay I don’t typically like many options because I’m impatient. However, if they are set right in the beginning things go smoother later so im okay with it. I move on to my first order of business AFTER an installation. Installing, buku amounts of software. Now, being an RPM distro it is already on my bad side, but I went ahead unbiased. Using the package manager was simple enough and because it was a variant of the one you’d see in Fedora, again being an RPM based distro. One feature I really drooled over was the availability of a centralized method of configuring your install. I for one do not like having to search around for an option and would like to avoid the terminal if at all possible. This concludes my review on Mandriva Linux One. My ratings follow:

Stability: 5/5 – When a live cd performs like a hard drive install that’s ’nuff said.

Simplicity: 4/5 – Centralized configuration simplifies things a lot. However, I had to shy away from a 5 because of all the options in the beginning

Speed: 4/5 – Bootup time was a wee bit slow but nothing to sweat over.

Don’t take my word for it though. Go check it out at

If you have any questions or comments send ’em my way and thanks for reading.



  1. There’s also a KDE version of the LiveCD

  2. Yes, I’m a fan of GNOME. However, when you visit the download page here:
    there is an option to download the KDE or GNOME versions. Also, you may choose to download the free edition which features only free software with no proprietary software or drivers.

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