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First off, I want to say that I’m not a fan of the whole going green thing but Linux Mint makes me want to(as far as linux distros go). When I do a google search on switching to Linux Mint I see forums and such with other faithful fans of Ubuntu and an assorted group of others bashing Linux Mint. I saw one post saying that Linux Mint was for lazy noobs. Okay, so what if a group of individuals fixed up an already great Linux distro(Ubuntu) that just makes it a softer landing for those switching over from Windows? Is that not what we want, more Linux users?

That’s why Windows users are afraid to switch because they’re afraid they might have to actually DO something. I’ll admit I don’t WANT to see a lot of Linux users. Then companies looking for profit will try to ruin the Linux name and we’ll all have to switch to something else and start all over again with nothing but a kernel. However, the only way we will start getting more support is if there are more users. Its very sad, but true.

Modifying a Linux Distro so that it is very friendly to new users(I don’t call them noobs because I was a NOOB one time) is not going to stop the Microsoft Corporation or Apple from holding the cards, but it will win over a few more users to the Linux world. I think that’s all we need. A few more users. Linux is not for the common person and I personally don’t think that the whole world is ready for Linux. Okay, I’ll stop ranting and raving. The Linux Mint review is planned to go up within the next two days. Possibly even tonight. Thanks for reading and please stop by again!



  1. I like Linux Mint because I’m lazy, full stop! Why do extra work when someone has done it for you already. 😀

    • I totally agree on that one. 😉 Although I’m not above doing difficult command line work. But it does help when you don’t HAVE to do that to open a web browser or something.

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