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Monthly Archives: July 2009

I am terribly sorry about how long its been since I’ve written a review. I had written up a draft for my Fedora 11 review when….. somehow my notes went missing. I’ve been scatterbrained lately so I didn’t want to write the review completely out of memory because I fear that it may look bad. Rest assured though that I will try my best to rewrite the notes and post my review for Fedora 11. However, do be warned that it may be a long time. Thanks for understanding.


Okay people, here’s my next review on the lineup. Fedora 11, this is a very popular linux distro and is perhaps one of the only RPM based distros I really use. Right after Fedora 11 I’ll have OpenSUSE 11.1. So I will be busy for the next few days getting notes down for my review so that my readers will have new content. I am also looking at changing the site layout to something more… desirable. This look is getting a bit old. So look for new stuff within the next week or so. Thanks!