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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Alright, just got Ubuntu 10.10, yes I’m a weee bit late. Not too bad though. First I must say that Ubuntu is really getting up there in aesthetics.

Sadly, I am always less focused on performance and more focused on how it looks. Ubuntu 10.10 goes a long way with making things pretty. However, before I get you thinking that it looks nice and shiny but runs like a turtle missing a leg its quite the opposite. Normally, with ANY linux distro, my laptop disagrees in some shape,form, or fashion. This time ye olde laptop worked seamlessly with Ubuntu. As suprising as it is, it’s not that awesome. What’s really kicking butt can be summed up in one word. Social Networking.

Okay, so that was two words, but I couldn’t think of anything better than socnet. Ubuntu 10.10 finishes the job left over by 10.4 by being more eye-catching and integrating more with social media. 10.10 features the social broadcasting client gwibber built-in to the notification area. Now, I can stay out of chat and just microblog everything! I would rather tell everyone what I’m doing rather than chat with somebody and let an hour slip by in a blink and a few keypunches. Social media is an ever evolving part of life in today’s society. Even old people are hooking up the old pc and facebooking their every move.

Said all that to say this… Canonical is showing their increasing knowledge of the world and their ability to adapt their distro’s to suit it.

As for smoothness. Normally, I will have some problem with something crashing or requiring a forced stop of the process. This time around I have not had a problem yet. Now keep in mind. Windows processes normally crash at least twice daily for me. So once or twice a week is much better. 10.10 has not even gone that far yet. Not one crash.

Apparently 10.10 also has built in support for ntfs enabled. That’s a big plus for dual-booters and normal Windows users exchanging data with Linux.

The startup time is another big plus for Ubuntu 10.10 the startup time for my laptop after installing 10.10 has been less than 5 seconds for every boot. That may be because of the ext4 filesystem loading faster or because they eliminated some error checking during bootup. Regardless, 10.10’s startup time is unmatched in my opinion.

10.10 has been Canonical’s greatest, at the least I must say they are really kicking butt. As an avid Linux user I find Ubuntu to be the softest landing for Windows users converting over. I really hope to see more Windows zombies switching over to Linux via Ubuntu or another user friendly Linux distro. 10.10 has a lot of potential and linux for humans continues to be the power player in the name of Linux.