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Unity unity unity… The bringing of multiple entities into one simple piece. Sounds like a good idea. Unity rings well with simplicity and ease of use. Unity sounds powerful and makes you feel like all your troubles will melt away… NOT.
Every major distro lately seems to have some variation of this unity interface which Ubuntu 11.04 uses. Pumped about getting 11.04 I counted down the days until the official release on my little calendar like the good little Ubuntu user that I am. I downloaded the new distro a bit late and expecting maybe a… faster startup time… or maybe… more stability.. no.. there it was.. This THING where all of my favorite gnome setup had been. Sticky and crashing more than gnome ever thought about, UNITY had destroyed all of me hopes for the new Ubuntu release. I guess expecting mixed reviews Canonical decided they would still keep that “classic” look as safety. Honestly, they should change Unity from default interface to “not at all” interface.. Seriously guys. I love Ubuntu. Unity has wrecked my dreams of Ubuntu heaven. Hopefully, in spite of terrible reviews,  Canonical will remove Unity on the 11.10 release. If that’s the only thing they did, it would be better than continuing with the sick feeling of Unity.

How to remove Unity (it’s simple really)



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