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Hello everyone! Remember me? Yes, I’m planning on making a comeback for the site. I’m sorry for any readers I may have disappointed.. 😦

However, before I make this “comeback” I should explain why I was gone for such a time. Wellllll….. I had this crappy ISP they call Hughesnet(Satellite internet provider). Hughesnet charges some very high rates, 90+ dollars, for some rather crappy service. Yes, I live out in the rural area where I do not have access to DSL and broadband. The line stops just before my street! How sick. Then, one fateful day, lightning struck my Hughesnet router. My contract was up, so I decided to cancel. Oh well… Now I’m “abusing” the priviledge of my school’s T3 internet connection. So yes, I’m back in business. Or at least I plan to be.

Now, I want to thank all of my readers who are reading this. That tells me you have enough faith in me to not just forget about this little project of mine. So thank you for supporting me. Even during the time I was gone a few people viewed the site. Like less than 100. I’m fine with that though.

Also, I plan telling everyone about the server I was fixing up for the school using OpenSUSE. It was actually quite interesting. That article will be published soon, don’t give up! 🙂

Once again, Thanks!!